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Project Director

The Colorado Jewish Early Childhood Education Initiative, a Project of CNDC

The long-term vision of the ECE Initiative and Project Board is for the Denver/Boulder community to be the best place to raise a Jewish child; creating places where one can easily access a high quality, comprehensive, network of Jewish ECE programs and experiences for young children and their families. The Mission is to provide professional development opportunities that serve to increase educators’ skills, attitudes, and knowledge of educationally sound practices in ECE, Jewish ECE, and family engagement, as well as increase leadership capacity of directors, educators and leadership teams.

The purpose of the ECE Project Board is to strategically guide the work of the ECE Initiative and related activities and work toward creating a model that will sustainably support the work of the Initiative, ensuring that our Jewish ECE centers are models of high quality early childhood education which serve as a portal into Jewish connection and life in the Denver/Boulder community.

Jewish Early Childhood Education Initiative Project Director Job Description

Position Summary:

The Colorado Jewish ECE Initiative (COJECEI) Project Director  is a 62% FTE position  (25 hours/ week) that will provide supervision and leadership of the entire Initiative, with specific focus in the areas of advocacy, The First 36 Project and operations which include budget and financial resource development.  Representing the Jewish Early Childhood Education (ECE) community in Denver-Boulder, the Project Director will work to build coalitions with the broader ECE community, leveraging the strengths of the Initiative to create new opportunities. The Project Director will be responsible for ensuring financial oversight, working to identify and cultivate new and diverse sources of revenue, while stewarding current funders.  The Project Director will build trusting partnerships with the Denver-Boulder Jewish ECE Centers and their institutional leadership.  The Project Director is an employee of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center (CNDC), reports to the Project Board and will be given an annual performance review by select committee members.

Qualified candidates must possess a minimum of 5-10 years of experience in budgeting, supervision, fundraising and project management; as well as experience working with families and young children, preferably in a Jewish organizational setting.  Interested candidates should email cover letter and resume to mgruenwald@cojece.org

Reports to: Project Board Chair

Key Job Responsibilities:


  • Responsible for all fiscal oversight, ensuring operations are managed within budget 
  • Manage all aspects of fiscal sponsorship with Colorado Nonprofit Development Center (CNDC)
  • Work in collaboration with Project Board to continue striving to build a financially sustainable business model for the Initiative
  • Identify and cultivate new sources of philanthropy
  • Steward all current donors to the Initiative
  • Manage all current and potential grants from private foundations and comply with reporting guidelines
  • Serve as lead staff for Project Board; work with chairs to set agenda, communicate with members, facilitate monthly meetings, ensure that all short-term and long-term goals are being achieved
  • Supervise, evaluate and regularly communicate and collaborate with Pedagogical Director and other Initiative staff and coaches to ensure seamless service delivery
  • Develop relationships with and communicate regularly with ECE school administrators and their lay and professional executive leadership to ensure they remain invested in Initiative
  • Identify outside evaluator and ensure that a comprehensive evaluation is conducted annually for each area of the Initiative
  • Responsible for ensuring compliance by schools and their institutions for participation in each area of Initiative
  • Coordinate annual ECE scholarship allocation process with JewishCOLORADO


  • Provide support and oversight to leadership coach to ensure alignment with other areas of the Initiative
  • Work in partnership with leadership coach to develop applications for open-ended coaching and leadership teams, determine eligibility, review growth plans submitted by interested applicants and monitor progress


  • Represent Jewish ECE community in broader Denver-Boulder community; building partnerships with key, secular ECE organizations, committees, policy makers and stakeholders
  • Develop strong brand identity in Jewish community for the ECE Initiative and develop any necessary marketing materials
  • Meet with institutional boards and lay leaders to build awareness of quality Jewish ECE and work of Initiative
  • Develop collaborative partnerships between Jewish organizations to strengthen early learning experiences for young children, their families and the community
  • Identify opportunities to diversify funding of Initiative

The First 36:

  • Work with Pedagogical Director and Leadership Coach to select Fellows
  • Communicate with ECE Pedagogical Director and National First 36 Project Director as needed
  • Coordinate regular learning sessions

Growing Excellence:

  • Provide support and oversight to Pedagogical Director to ensure alignment with other areas of the Initiative
  • Work in partnership with Pedagogical Director to develop applications for open-ended coaching and cohort learning, determine eligibility, review growth plans submitted by interested applicants and monitor progress

The Colorado Jewish ECE Initiative is a project of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center (CNDC) and all employees are CNDC employees. CNDC is dedicated to equal employment opportunities in any term, condition, or privilege of employment. CNDC prohibits unlawful discrimination against applicants or employees based on race, color, national origin, ancestry, creed, religion, sex, age 40 and over, disability, genetic information, veteran status, sexual orientation, marital status, gender expression or any other characteristic protected by state or local law. This policy applies to all employees. 

Additional Growth Opportunities


Annual Conference


Pedagogical Director facilitates a group of teachers and directors in planning and implementing an annual community-wide conference of learning.

Conference will be hosted by one of the Institutions, with multiple sessions facilitated by educators from the schools. 

Scheduled for January 2020

For moe information, contact Judi Morosohk jmorosohk@cojece.org

Monthly ECEC Meetings and Annual Director Retreat


Pedagogical Director facilitates monthly meetings and annual half day learning experience for directors and assistant directors with focus on leadership skills and framing their intentions for the upcoming school year. 

For more information, contact Judi Morosohk jmorosohk@cojece.org

Pedagogical Director - Resource and support to schools and community

In addition to other responsibilities, Pedagogical Director will be available as an ongoing resource to schools and community. 

For more information, contact Judi Morosohk jmorosohk@cojece.org


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